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PDF_DownloadPAK 5.9 New Features:

The PAK software suite has many new enhancements added in the newest release: PAK 5.9. The enhancements cover a broad range of topics including expanded PAK live, new measurement features, added analysis tools, and enhanced data management.


Acoustic Control PDF Brochure

PAK capture 2.0:

Simple, smart recording. Using a smart device and PAK – MKII data acquisition recorder you can quickly and easily set up measurements without the need of a computer. PAK capture 2.0 now features the sharing of data simultaneously with the PAK software family for immediate and continuous analysis.


Acoustic Control PDF Brochure

Acoustic Control:

PAK ACS with continuous live data streaming maxamizes operational safety with an always-on, decoupled system and a one-window workspace for performing controlled acoustic excitation.


PDF_DownloadNoise and Vibration:

Acquire, record, analyze, and manage noise and vibration data (NVH) using our PAK-MKII data acquisition hardware and software.


PDF_DownloadPAK 5.8 Brochure:

New technologies for data acquisition, noise and vibration testing, and new methods in noise and vibration data analysis and structural dynamic evaluation. See all the new additions to the modular PAK software in edition 5.8.


PDF_DownloadPAK Software Catalog:

Take a look at the modular PAK software which provides solutions for data acquisition, noise and vibration testing, structural dynamic analyses, data analysis, and many other measurement features.


PDF_Download The PAK&Go:

Investigate our PAK&Go data acquisition solution for mobile measurement and data analysis in real time.


PDF_DownloadReal Pass By Measurements with PAK:

PAK Pass-By, make exterior vehicle noise measurements and analyze simultaneously – simple, fast, efficient.


PDF_DownloadSimulated Pass By Measurements with PAK:

PAK Simulated Pass-By exterior vehicle measurements. Determine the exterior noise based on simulated measurements and tire roll noise simulations to reduce time and testing.


PDF_DownloadAcoustic Measurements of Wind Turbines with PAK:

The PAK-MKII data acquisition system and data analysis tool is a compact, multi-channel measurement system which is perfectly suitable for the vibrational evaluation and acoustical analyses of wind turbines.


PDF_DownloadCustomer Service Brochure:

Our quality services are built upon collaboration and partnership with our customers. Make the most of your system. Rely on our experience, expertise and consistency.






Depend on US: The Standard for Aerospace Testing

The PAK MKII Data Acquisition and VibroAcoustic Analysis system is scalable and versatile for any project, especially those in aerospace. Take a look at some of our custom, pathbreaking solutions provided to our aerospace, defense, and aviation customers.


PDF_DownloadMKII Hardware Catalog:

The PAK MKII is a compact, highly integrated system for the measurement and output of precise, high-speed analog and digital signals. Both standard and complex multi-channel tasks are addressed by the same modular platform which can be freely configured as small troubleshooting solutions or large, distributed systems.

PDF_DownloadMKII Digital Busses:

Accurate correlation of digital data and analog signals. CAN, FlexRay™, EtherCAT®, IRIG GPS and Analog.


PDF_DownloadALI G2 Modules:

Two channel modules for high speed bridge and voltage input amplification.




Technical Literature

Download technical papers, conference notes, and presentations relating to Noise and Vibration testing, analyses with PAK, and testing using the PAK-MKII data acquisition system.

PDF_DownloadReducing Spacecraft Acoustic Test Exposure Time:

Recognizing that most high level acoustic tests are only one minute in length, the amount of time to achieve pre and full test levels is critical. Minimizing this equalization time while not over-testing, reduces the test item’s exposure to high sound pressure levels and unnecessary fatigue.


PDF_DownloadInnovative data acquisition with uncompromised measurement management and security:

High speed measurement and recording of aerospace and defense systems under test in an accurate and timely manner is not a simple engineering task. Management and data security of large files along with sharing and reporting the results quickly are only a few challenges facing engineers as channel requirements increase.


PDF_DownloadHighly Distributed Data Acquisition on Wind Turbines with PAK:

As possible inland locations of wind turbines are mostly nearby populated regions, noise emissions have to be reduced to a minimum. These usually origin from rotating or vibrating parts. By applying accelerometers, microphones, and rotation sensors it is possible to correlate all relevant quantities, determine transfer functions and locate possible sound sources.


PDF_DownloadASAM ODS Used in Multi-National Development of Turboprop Engines for the Airbus A400M:

The TP400-D6 turboprop engine was developed by an international joint-venture. To enable the partnering companies to carry out this collaborative development, ASAM ODS was used for data exchange.