February PAK Video Tip: Interactive Graphic Parameters and Data Viewing Tools

Interactive Graphic Parameters and Data Viewing Tools

In this tutorial we demonstrate some tools in PAK that allow you to quickly analyze your measurement data.  This interactive method gives you the flexibility to change your plots and analyses on the fly. You get access to all of PAK’s streaming analysis capabilities (like FFT, Orders, PsychoAcoustics and more). You also can even automate your exporting sequence without having create a Graphic Definition. The topics covered are:

    • How to examine your measurement information
    • Quickly plot a data set in the data viewer
    • Creating on-the-fly plots of various data types
    • How to perform a basic spectral analysis in the data viewer
    • Advanced features of the Interactive Graphic Parameters such as adding parameters, adding data sources, saving changed parameters
    • Export single or multiple data sets and analyses using a Graphic Sequence


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