February PAK Video Tip: Post Processing Recorded or Imported Data with PAK

This month’s PAK Video Tip is now available: Post Processing Recorded or Imported Data in PAK

PAK vibration and acoustic analysis software gives you the option to post process data as soon as it has been stored. Whether the data was imported or recorded using the PAK – MKII system, it can be reanalyzed in a multitude of ways. With this short 6 minute tutorial you will learn how to post process PAK or imported data, analyze sections of data, use a variety of PAK tools to save analyses, and perform several consecutive post processing analyses with separate settings.

Topics Covered:

  • Load and post process PAK or imported data
  • Change measurement settings in data
  • Save online analysis for improved graphical analysis potential
  • Use selection tool to choose segments of data to post process
  • Analyze several sets (or the same set) of data consecutively without user interaction using the post process stack

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