MKII Vibration and Acoustic Measurement Hardware

HARDWARE – MKII for Data Acquisition


Compact. Scalable. Rugged.


The PAK – MKII is a high-speed multi-channel data acquisition hardware for accurate acoustic and vibration measurements. Compact, mobile, multi-channel, measurement system for vibration and acoustic analysis – a measuring front end for the most exacting user. It can be universally configured for any common measurement pickups and is easy to adapt to the task at hand. This reduces the effort required, speeds up your project, and minimizes cost.


PAK - MKII Vibration And Acoutstic Measurement and Analysis SOFTWARE – PAK for Data Analysis


Analyze. Assess. Manage


PAK Software is a test bench measurement system for data acquisition, data analysis, acoustic and vibration assessment, and data management.


Function: Data acquisition, storage, import, export, analysis, animation, graphical representation and more. During data acquisition, users have complete freedom for data handling, processing and analyzing. Acquired data still gives users the freedom to conduct post-processing and analyses without limitation.


Application: Installation on every single client computer. Distribution and License Managers allow for efficient license distribution, installation and configuration.


Users: Application Engineers, NVH Specialists, Test Bench Technicians, Measurement Engineers, Field Specialists and Research Engineers.



Vibration and Acoustic Measurement at your Fingertips

PAK Capture is a three pronged system for VibroAcoustic Measurement. The PAK Recorder , PAK Capture App and PAK Tunes  combine to allow you to quickly and easily setup a measurement, record data, evaluate, and transfer to analysis system.


PAK Recorder

The PAK Recorder is your data acquisition hardware and measurement storage for the PAK Capture Suite. A PAK – MKII with wireless capabilities and embedded software allow for measurement setup and real time interaction and analysis using the intuitive PAK Capture App. Data is secured quickly and safely using an internal SSD.

PAK Capture App

The PAK Capture App allows you to use smart devices to communicate with the PAK Recorder. The intuitive interface of the app allows users to easily configure measurements, control data acquisition and monitor the measurement in real-time. With the App users can setup triggered measurements, or start and stop measurements manually. Multiple users can access the data stream allowing for easily shared measurement information. Data stored on the PAK Recorder can be accessed from the App, allowing for multi-measurement evaluation and verification without the need of a computer.

PAK Tunes

PAK Tunes is a software interface which provides a gateway to transfer recorded data to your vibration and acoustic analysis system and to manage the PAK Recorder. PAK Tunes connects to the PAK Recorder from your computer and allows a user to transfer, delete, and evaluate measurements stored on the PAK Recorder. Once transferred to PAK Tunes, the stored data can be further processed using PAK Software or any ASAM ODS compatible system.