Sound and Vibration Analysis Software

PAK MKII Hardware is tightly integrated with PAK Software and forms a formidable hardware/software partnership. The PAK Software solution is a compact, highly integrated and versatile system for the measurement of dynamic parameters, ranging from slow bandwidth thermocouples, through medium bandwidth strains and accelerations, to high bandwidth sound and pressure. With its roots in acoustic engineering, a demand for quick results , online graphics and audio playback forced PAK to be a real-time system from the beginning.

Due to its setup optimization, exceptionally high channel count and flexible license management, PAK is equally suited for both laboratory and mobile applications. As a software platform suitable for any measurement task – the same setup has been developed to be conveniently used for all applications. When conducting a measurement setup details such as parameters, sensors and test candidate descriptions are saved in a folder which can be easily accessed and referred to for enhanced traceability.  In this way similar setups can be repeated and measurement conditions verified even years later. PAK offers unlimited time data storage with high performance online processing.

A wide range of analysis options exist with each being directly linked to a choice of graphical representations. The same graphic layouts will be used online, offline or during post-processing and printing. The comprehensive spread of analysis options is ever increasing according to the ever evolving needs of users. In meeting individual users’ demands, PAK is tailored to is specific users’ requirements through the configuration of its modules.

The future oriented architecture is a smart structure which supports highly modular and flexible working. The concept of data management has never been an afterthought for MBBM VAS developers. Our software has been designed with data management in mind from the beginning. Driven by a conformance to standards, PAK’s architecture is underlined by ASAM ODS data structuring, making for effortless data exchange and analysis.

PAK software supports:

– High-performance real-time analysis with different data types and multiple sampling groups in parallel

– A wide range of applications addressing standard measurements, signatures and highly specialized applications

PAK Easy Measurement interface provides an easy workflow from setup to measurement

– Storage of raw time domain data as well as analyzed data

– Close monitoring of test candidate behavior while post-processing results quickly

– Native support of ASAM ODS NVH ATF/XML as well as standard data formats for importing and exporting measurement data e.g. Universal, SDF

– To be used in both mobile and laboratory environments



Analysis tools include:

  • – FFT
  • – Digital nth Octave
  • – Detector
  • – Virtual Channels
  • – Filtering
  • – Psychoacoustics
  • – Sine Reduction
  • – Sound Power
  • – Sound Localization
  • – Acoustic Control
  • – Sound Analysis
  • – Transfer Path Analysis
  • – Order Separation
  • – Function Generator
  • – Hydropulse
  • – Impact Measurement
  • – MIMO
  • – Acoustic Intensity
  • – Torsional Vibration
  • – Crank Angle Analysis
  • Pass By Measurement
  • – Simulated Pass By
  • – Hearing Comparison
  • – Jury Testing
  • – Sound Design
  • – Shock Response Spectra
  • – Panel Contribution Analysis
  • – Response Modification Analysis
  • – Dynamic Balancing
  • – Online Monitoring
  • – Vibration Analysis


A reliable and accessible data portal is available for storing, browsing, filtering and viewing ASAM ODS compatible data. As time domain data is stored, it is possible to access the acquired data for online analysis or for post processing.

Manage your vibration, sound, NVH and related measurement hardware with PAK Equipment Manager. Monitor and manage your hardware and resources easily with PAK Equipment Manager connecting directly to each component. Load sensor settings directly into measurement settings. Track sensor calibration values automatically as they are measured in test preparation.



PDF_DownloadPAK 5.9 New Features:

The PAK software suite has many new enhancements added in the newest release: PAK 5.9. The enhancements cover a broad range of topics including expanded PAK live, new measurement features, added analysis tools, and enhanced data management.


PDF_DownloadPAK Software Catalog:

Take a look at the modular PAK software which provides solutions for data acquisition, noise and vibration testing, structural dynamic analyses, data analysis, and many other measurement features.


PDF_DownloadNoise and Vibration:

Acquire, record, analyze, and manage noise and vibration data (NVH) using our PAK-MKII data acquisition hardware and software.


PDF_DownloadPAK 5.8 Brochure:

New technologies for data acquisition, noise and vibration testing, and new methods in noise and vibration data analysis and structural dynamic evaluation. See all the new additions to the modular PAK software in edition 5.8.



Real Pass By Measurements with PAK:

PAK Pass-By, make exterior vehicle noise measurements and analyze simultaneously – simple, fast, efficient.


PDF_DownloadSimulated Pass By Measurements with PAK:

PAK Simulated Pass-By exterior vehicle measurements. Determine the exterior noise based on simulated measurements and tire roll noise simulations to reduce time and testing.


PDF_DownloadAcoustic Measurements of Wind Turbines with PAK:

The PAK-MKII data acquisition system and data analysis tool is a compact, multi-channel measurement system which is perfectly suitable for the vibrational evaluation and acoustical analyses of wind turbines.