PAK – MKII Hardware for Sound and Vibration Measurement

PAK MKII is our compact mobile multi-channel measurement system for sound and vibration analysis – a measuring front end for the most exacting user. It can be universally configured for any common measurement pickups and is easy to adapt to the task at hand. This reduces the effort required, speeds up your project, and minimizes cost.

Highly accurate signal conditioning combined with high speed data handling is paramount to any data acquisition front end. The PAK MKII accomplishes this through advanced signal conditioning supported by powerful digital circuitry and data handling capabilities. The result is high-speed data acquisition with the highest analog and digital signal quality.MKII_Header

Modules to Accommodate Every Signal Type

By having access to all required parameters in one system, a high level of phase accuracy is achieved as analog and digital signals are sampled at exactly the same time. A wide range of Signal Conditioning Modules have been crafted to be able to:
– Measure parameters such as voltage, vibration, acceleration, pulse-period (tacho), sound, strain, force, pressure displacement and temperature
– Output analog voltage signals
– Interface with GPS, IRIG, CAN, FlexRAY and EtherCAT

MKII RackMountHighlights

  •  – Rugged, conduction cooled and compact with an extremely high channel density

  • – Modular configuration

  • – Measures analog parameters such as vibration, pulseperiod, sound, strain, displacement and temperature

  • – High quality audio grade output capability

  • – Interfaces with GPS, IRIG, CAN, FlexRay™, EtherCAT®

  • – Integrated signal conditioning

  • – 204.8 kSa/s with 24-bit resolution

  • – High dynamic range with optimized low noise performance and distortion

  • – Local storage on an internal Solid-State Disk (SSD)

  • – Gigabit Ethernet on all Controllers

  • – Integrated WLAN (IEEE 802.11n) for faster data transfer and robust connection

  • – Synchronizes multiple distributed Mainframes via SyncLink, GPS or IRIG

  • – Able to operate standalone

  • – Readily expandable


PDF_DownloadMKII Hardware Catalog:

The PAK MKII is a compact, highly integrated system for the measurement and output of precise, high-speed analog and digital signals. Both standard and complex multi-channel tasks are addressed by the same modular platform which can be freely configured as small troubleshooting solutions or large, distributed systems.


PDF_DownloadMKII Digital Busses:

Accurate correlation of digital data and analog signals. CAN, FlexRay™, EtherCAT®, IRIG GPS and Analog.


PDF_DownloadALI G2 Modules:

Two channel modules for high speed bridge and voltage input amplification.