Calibrate Your MKII with Müller-BBM

Did you know that Müller-BBM recommends that you calibrate your MKII every year? The accuracy of even the most reliable electronic instruments can drift over time. The only way to ensure maximum signal accuracy is to calibrate at a regular interval against a calibrated external voltage source. At Müller-BBM we use our highly accurate DragonCat software and hardware to test every channel, module, and signal conditioning card while meeting the strictest calibration standards. Every piece of hardware that comes through our lab is hand inspected to ensure quality and catch issues before they happen.

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PAK MKII Calibration

Benefits of Calibrating your MKII regulary with Müller-BBM

– Improved accuracy in all of your measurements

– Quantified measurement values for record keeping and trouble shooting

– Consistency over time for all varieties of measurements

– Hardware quality assurance to avoid any costly downtime from a failure during a high-pressure testing cycle

– Confidence in your measurement quality

– Full module functionality testing outside the “self-calibration” scope (i.e. Teds, Grounding, ICP Excitation, etc…)

Schedule Your Calibration Today

Calibrations for companies in North America are done at the United States Müller-BBM offices to ensure quick turnaround time. A maximum of two weeks is needed for any complete MKII measurement system. We also facilitate the calibration of associated measurement hardware. Contact our PAK support team to schedule a calibration of your equipment today!