PAK Video Tips

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Video Tip Libraries

Introduction to Measurement and Analysis with PAKNew User Video Library: Introduction to testing and analysis with the PAK 

  • – Videos for new PAK users.
  • – Full tutorials for Easy Measurement and Graphical Data Analysis.
  • – Tips on Connecting MKII to your computer, Creating Layouts, Impact Test, Administrative Setup, and more!


Test setup and procedure video tipsTesting and Data Acquisition: PAK – MKII Setup and Testing Procedure

  • – Library full of videos for MKII Setup and Data Acquisition
  • – Full Measurement Tutorial
  • – Sound Intensity and Power Tutorial, Impact Measurement Overview
  • – Videos on setting up more detailed things like Strain (WSB) Measurements, Tacho, Equipment Manager, FFT Analysis, Order Analysis, and more!


Data Analysis PAK Video TipsData Analysis: Graphical Analysis and Reporting with PAK

  • – Full tutorials and tips for Graphical Data Analysis used during and after measurement.
  • – Full length tutorial on how to use the Graphic Definition for analysis.
  • – Tutorials on how to graphic create layouts (Fixed and Variable).
  • – Videos highlighting many specialized graphical tools like Arithmetic, Export, Graphic Sequence, and more!


PAK Administrative Procedures and SettingsAdvanced Settings: Administrative Procedures and Settings in PAK

  • – Advanced tips created for a PAK Administrator or Advanced PAK User.
  • – Videos about changing or transferring settings in Windows for PAK.
  • –  How to videos for changing quantities, setting up ASAM/ODS (.atfx) data, and more!
  • – Advanced hardware videos like syncing multiple MKIIs for increased channels.


New or Updated Muller-BBM ProductsProduct Demonstrations: PAK – MKII New Product, New Software and Updates

  • – Highlights of new software modules or new software releases in PAK.
  • – Live demonstrations of new software modules in PAK.
  • – Highlights of new features in new major releases of PAK (PAK 5.9 coming winter 2015-2016!)
  • – Check in often to see what’s new in PAK!


General Learning VideosPAK Academy: DSP, NVH, and Other Non-PAK Specific Educational Videos and White Papers

  • – Brief PAK Info Letters about DSP and NVH methodology
  • – Videos about a variety of NVH related topics.
  • – Instruction on NVH in general (not just PAK – MKII related)
  • – Me’Scope tutorial videos
  • – NVH Videos from PCB




Index of All PAK Video Tips

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PAK Quickstart Tutorials

PAK Quickstart: Measurement Tutorial

PAK Quickstart: Graphical Data Analysis

PAK Tutorial: Classic PAK Tutorial for Measurement and Analysis

PAK Tutorial: Measurement and Offline Interface (MOI)

Product Overviews

New Features in the Impact Measurement System of PAK 5.9

Introduction to PAK Shaker Module

New Features in PAK 5.8:

PAK Capture Suite

Interval Testing Wizard:

Settings and Options

How to connect to your MKII Hardware

Adding a PAK or ASAM/ODS Data Source

 Increase Your Channel Count With MKII Synchronization

Transfer Files, Settings, and Data to a New PAK Installation

Modifying an Existing Quantity in PAK

Editing Quantity Decimal Places in PAK

Navigating PAK Administrative Tools and Folders

Test Setup and Description Tips

PAK – MKII Hardware Grounding and Electrical Noise Tutorial

PAK PassBy Hardware Setup Tutorial

PAK PassBy Software Setup Tutorial

Sensor Calibration in PAK

Post Processing Recorded or Imported Data in PAK

Digital Order Analysis Settings and Strategies

FFT Analysis Settings and Strategies

Testing with Varying Sensor Positions

Strain Measurement Using the WSB Module

Remove a DC Offset in PAK

Modify Position Labels Post Test

Equipment Manager Tutorial

Reduce Multiple Sampling Groups into One

Impact Testing with Moving Hammer and Accelerometers

PAK Measurement: Online Monitoring

Graphical Analysis Tips

Graphical Analysis: Interactive Graphic Parameters and Data Viewing Tools

Graphic Definition: Copy and Copy Items Tools

Arithmetic: Introduction Tutorial

Arithmetic: Free Formula Parameters

Arithmetic: Create Target Curves in PAK Graphics

Creating Graphical Layouts: Variable Layout

Creating Graphical Layouts: Fixed Layout

Export Data from the PAK Graphic Viewer

Quickly Setting Up Multiple Lines in a Graphic Definition

Create Average, Maximum, and Minimum Plots

Percentile Analysis

Vector Sum of Sensor Channels

Frequency Spectrum Comparison Tutorial

Generate RPM Channel From APS Data

Optimization of APS Resolution

Basic Angle Domain Graphical Analysis

Copying Cursor Data

Averaging Separate Data Sets Into One Graphic

Creating a Graphic Sequence

Channel Overview

Using Plot Connections to Examine Data

Link Cursor Labels Between Plots

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in PAK

Enveloped Spectrum Analysis

Loudness Analysis