General Testing and Analysis Video Tutorials

This grouping of videos is not necessarily PAK – MKII dependent. These video tips and tutorials were chosen for instruction on a multitude of subjects related to sound and vibration testing. Videos are available not only from the experts of Muller-BBM, but also from experts from other companies in the sound and vibration testing world. Check back often to see what new and useful content we’ve added!

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PAK Academy:

What are Anti-Aliasing Filters?

Anti-Aliasing Filters Explained

Multi-Sampling to Reduce Aliasing Filter Requirements

Modern Techniques Use Extremely High Sampling Rates to Reduce Component Requirements in Data Acquisition Systems

Measurement Range

NVH DAQ Measurement Range


ME’scope Tutorial Videos

Introduction to ME’scope

Curve Fitting in ME’scope

PCB Sensor Videos

How to avoid sensor cable problems

How to care for and handle test microphones

Externally Polarized vs. Prepolarized Microphones