Automotive Testing and Analysis

PAK – the efficient and extendable System

The vibroacoustic behavior of a vehicle is a key indicator of its performance. In the competitive global world of automotive development and manufacturing, sound and vibration measurement is a significant method to engineer quality vehicles. As these methods become more challenging, PAK rises to the occasion by providing standardized operational sequences, modern user concepts and flexibility during both stationary and mobile data acquisition measurements and the analysis of its data.

Pass By Testing With PAK

Is your company ready for the new Pass By standards? PAK Pass By is.
Conduct vehicle exterior noise measurements simply, quickly and efficiently with the new PAK Pass By application.
Benefits of PAK Pass By include:
– Quick and intuitive interface for continuous monitoring and effortless configuration
– Measures continually with robust, standalone systems
– Saves time by accomodating multiple vehicles at the same time on the same test track
– Maximizes driver assistance using a real-time display
– Easily adapts to various measurement standards

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