PAK Pass By

 Conduct Exterior Noise Measurements Simply, Quickly and Efficiently

Due to the introduction of stricter regulations, automotive exterior noise has become an even more important consideration when developing and certifying vehicles, tires and components. To maximize test efficiency and optimize measurement track operation, innovative tools and processes are necessary. With the application of the new Pass By standard, the effort required per vehicle has increased as more measurement cycles must be executed.

PAK Pass By offers the solution. It is easy to use through a high degree of process automation. The system is flexible in the number of vehicles and variety of standards that you can test in one cycle. The software and app are interactive through dialog windows, guiding users and drivers to acceptable tests quicker. Test time is drastically reduced  through a decentralized vehicle setup and immediate signal control by the PAK – MKII front end and iPad application. The system can easily be adapted to more test systems and new standards.


PDF_DownloadReal Pass By Measurements with PAK:

PAK Pass By, make exterior vehicle noise measurements and analyze simultaneously – simple, fast, efficient.


PDF_DownloadSimulated Pass By Measurements with PAK:

PAK Simulated Pass By exterior vehicle measurements. Determine the exterior noise based on simulated measurements and tire roll noise simulations to reduce time and testing.