October PAK Video Tip – Arithmetic: Tutorial Introduction

This month’s PAK Video Tip is out – Arithmetic: Tutorial Introduction

While the PAK analysis software has a large library of graphical tools, there may be times when your desired analysis function is not available. This is when the PAK Arithmetic steps in to allow you the freedom to use a toolbox of functions and codes to perform your own analyses. This PAK Video Tip is a beginner tutorial for how to use the PAK Arithmetic. In the video we go through setting up an example analysis and examine how the arithmetic provides you more freedom to perform unique calculations.

Topics Covered:

  • Discussion on when you would use the Arithmetic over the regular Graphic Analyses
  • How an Arithmetic Setup varies from a regular Data Definition setup
  • How to use the Arithmetic Help to find the information you need
  • Creating a complex Octave Analysis using Arithmetic functions
  • Comparing the created Arithmetic Analysis to a Graphic Streaming Analysis
  • Using the Arithmetic to perform functions not available in a Streaming Analysis