September PAK Video Tip: Graphic Definition – Copy and Copy Items Tools

September PAK Video Tip: Graphic Definition – Copy and Copy Items Tools

Setting up multiple lines of the graphic definition isn’t too difficult… unless you have subtle differences between the analyses in each line. Using the Copy and Copy Items tools in the Data Definition you can copy large or small parts of each Data Definition to user specified lines of the Graphic Definition, making setting up or adjusting your Graphic Definition a breeze.

Topics Covered:

  • Using drag-copy to copy the entire data definition to lines of the graphic definition
  • Using “Serialization of Measuring Channels” tool to be able to number channels in the data definitions sequentially with one button click
  • Pros and Cons of using the Copy tool to copy single tabs of the data definition to user specified rows
  • How to use the Copy Items tool to copy singular, user chosen, data definition settings to user specified rows
  • Best method for finding the desired settings in the Copy Items tool

Copy Items Video Tip