Short Course on Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise at Ohio State University

The NSF Smart Vehicle Concepts Center, and Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory of Ohio State University are hosting a short course on gear dynamics and gear noise. The Gear Dynamics and Gear Noise Short Course has been offered for 35 years and is considered extremely valuable for gear designers and noise specialists who encounter gear noise and transmission design problems. Attendees will learn how to design gears to minimize the major excitations of gear noise: transmission error, dynamic friction forces and shuttling forces. Fundamentals of gear noise generation and gear noise measurement will be covered along with topics on gear rattle, transmission dynamics and housing acoustics. This course includes extensive demonstrations of specialized gear analysis software in addition to the demonstrations of many Ohio State gear test rigs. A unique feature of the course is the interactive workshop session that invites attendees to discuss their specific gear and transmission noise concerns. The round table discussions on Day 4 are intended to foster interactive problem solving discussions on a variety of topics. More information is located on the site.

The course costs $1950 and is located at the Ohio State University campus. For more information you can contact Prof. Rajendra Singh, email: or; Tel: +1-614-292-9044; Fax: +1-614-474-8513; PO Box 3201, Dublin, OH 43016, USA.